Instant Domain Sale builds websites from which you can easily sell a large number of domain names. Import hundreds of domain names, all at once, just by pasting in a list of domain names. The system creates a landing page for each individual domain name, changes the DNS settings and offers the domain name for sale on your main website.

Import with a single click

Import an entire list of domain names with one click. The system does the rest.

Allocate prices quickly

Apply the same price to an entire list of domain names, or give each individual domain name its own price.

Fully responsive

Fully responsive for optimal viewing on computers, smart-phones and tablets.

Creates landing page

A landing page for each domain name. So visitors can see whether a domain name is for sale.

On-line checkout

Let customers pay directly on-line. You then send the authorization code yourself.

Link to registrar

Your website will be linked to your registrar. So you'll never have to worry about changing your settings again.

Automatic DNS changes

DNS settings are changed automatically, so the landing pages can be accessed straight away.

No sales costs

Keep domain sales entirely in your own hands and never pay sales charges again.

Quick and easy

Everything's arranged in just one action. This is the fastest and easiest way to sell domain names.

The complete solution for domain name sales

Instant Domain Sale creates quick and easy systems you can use to fully control the sales of domain names. Selling a large number of domain names is often extremely time consuming, because creating the landing pages, changing DNS settings, creating domain aliases and setting prices all demand a lot of separate activities.

Instant Domain Sale offers a complete solution that allows you perform all of these actions with a single click, for all of your domain names. So, all of your domain names will be offered for sale in no time at all, leaving you free to get on with other tasks.

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Direct orders

Would you like to use our system? Then order direct, and get started with selling domain names in under a fortnight.